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Let’s Be Friends $20 per session

Let me be your confidant. I’ve been told chatting with me is like spending time with an old friend.

What you’ll get: Half an hour of chatting over text. We can talk about anything your heart desires.

For every additional half hour, add $20.

Talk Sexy To Me $50 per session

For those who are looking for a more intimate chat.

What you’ll get: Sext with me for half an hour and fill me in on your deepest desires.

For every additional half hour, add $50.

Virtual Girlfriend Experience $150 per week

Can’t wait to meet me in person? Get so intimate you can almost touch me – all at a safe distance. When we finally do meet up, the chemistry we’ll have built will be like fireworks going off.

What you’ll get monthly:

  • High quality, intimate nudes every day
  • A beautiful, sensual film of my week
  • Messaging daily about a variety of topics
  • Sexting when the mood strikes
  • Flirty voice messages just for you
  • Content curated from your preferences

Contact Me

I’m excited to meet you!

Please send an email to to talk about how we can connect. Please note that the domain is .CH, not .COM.